Posted: January 24, 2014 in PURE GRACE
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Looking Unto Jesus' finished work @calvary

Looking Unto Jesus’ finished work @calvary

Mark 1:11….”he is risen: he is not here.”

Almost everyone will admit that Jesus Christ existed,that He was a real person. Every time we date a check, we admit the existence of Christ. Faith is not looking at Jesus as a historical personage. No, FAITH is not looking at Jesus, it is LOOKING UNTO JESUS, which is another way of saying depending on Jesus.

The resurrection of Jesus is my greatest comfort & my greatest hope. Whenever I remember that He is alive, I feel stronger to face the challenges that come my way. As the song writer wrote:

-Do you know,I believe in Jesus?

-Do you know,God is so good?

-After three days, He rose from death

-I have never seen a man who rose from death like JESUS Christ…(repeat 2times)


Wow! That song is so rich. God is faithful!

Truly, with such consciousness, it becomes easier seeking the Blessor rather than the blessing.  When you seek first His kingdom as it is written (Matthew 6:33), all these things -such as money- will be in hot pursuit of you. You begin to experience increase in family life, ministry, BUSINESS, career et al.

We have a different perspective on life from those around us. There is no greater comfort or hope in the face of death than the knowledge that our Savior lives. We live with our eyes fixed on the FINISHED WORK of Christ. God has promised and He is faithful. Your confession should be this: “I am established in righteousness, there is no fear here, I have taken over! I see increase on every side!”.

As you MEDITATE on the  Word of God daily, you will see Jesus. Only then will your confession change, and when your confession changes, definitely your life and the things around you will experience a change. Only the Word of God can change a man, because of the #LAMBSLAIN.  Keep looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our FAITH (Heb 12:2). Thank you Jesus. Glory! Glory!!  #DeathBurialRessurection #Faith #Grace

  1. heph says:

    Glory! Hallelujah!!! I’m encouraged.

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